Augmented Reality

We can't wait to tell what we are up to in our labs at Axel. We've been busy augmenting the reality. Our lab activities turn out to be exciting each day with augmented reality app development. By definition AR means to augment or alter the reality by introducing digital contents to the environment. The cool apps on mobile which uses the camera for image recognition and augmenting the reality have been received well worldwide. Here's some thought for businesses across industries who might find AR really intriguing.


AR for Construction

The AR apps would definitely be an asset to the construction and repair industry worldwide. From providing the technician with virtual guidance for operations, to displaying a holographic architectural model of the entire project, AR can benefit the construction sector in a multitude of ways. The latest AR mobile apps for interior design are already appreciated by many consumers worldwide. And as AR runs compatible with all the latest platforms of web and mobile applications, it would be wise for a company in the construction sector to start investing on AR.

AR for Automobile

Imagine a showroom or an expo of automobiles with holographic projections and AR enabled environment which displays the vehicle as it is. Being able to open the hood & door to check out the components and their description, to view the details and instructions and that too without the help of a salesman. And more is sure to come which could change the face of the present day automobile industry.

AR for Navigation

The map & navigation on mobile and web enabled services was a blessing to mankind for finding their way, literally. With an augmented reality app one could easily find a coffee shop, restaurant, travel desk or any other desired location through the camera of a smartphone along with all its relevant details. Things are getting more wild with the launch of eye-wares and hologram projectors for AR apps, which could replace smartphones in the near future.

AR for LifestyleAR for Lifestyle

The fashion and lifestyle industry benefits the highest than any other with the advent of eCommerce website development. The industry leaders are investing big time on AR as it has already started showing results of ROI with successful launches of virtual dressing rooms. The lifestyle industry would never be the same with AR app development and the right AR hardware.

AR for Education

Learning would be just like living from now on with AR. The innovative schools are introducing AR enabled classrooms to make the present day e-learning app development much more effective and interactive. Kids would learn from or along with digital characters and sounds. Let’s just say, with AR in the classroom, any kid could become iron man.

AR for Gaming

Multi billion dollar industry started its way from the early years of the pixels and continue to strive with the advent of each newly introduced technology. The infamous Pokemon Go was surely a start and AR would definitely play a big part in the future of gaming.