Axel Virtual Try-On

Axel Virtual Try-On

Virtual Try-On App

Virtual try-on is the new augmented reality app designed and developed specifically for jewelry and other fashion wearables businesses. Customer engagement is the most important attribute of the Virtual try-on app. It is built separately on android and iOS platforms and can be made available for millions of users. High quality 3D models exhibit the uniqueness of each item and pin point precision is programmed for accurately placing the item on the intended spot.


The jewelry try-on app is one of the simplest, yet highly appealing applications. The app puts forward the simple idea of matching a customer with all the jewelry in the store by just swiping over the screen. The application when presented on an AR enabled atmosphere, with a live screen to view the try-ons, gives a grand charm to the jeweler. The accuracy programmed in the app ensures that the product images are placed exactly on the anticipated spot and the images itself are rendered in high quality to display the intended attraction of the jewels. Furthermore, any jeweler regardless of their product can opt for the virtual try-on app and we welcome jewelers’ world over to subscribe the augmented reality application and make way for the future of jewelry showrooms with virtual try-ons.



  • Built separately on Android and iOS platforms
  • Superior design for better user interactions
  • Unmatched accuracy in placing the AR elements
  • Upgradable with in-app eCommerce capabilities
  • True to life representation of 3D models by pro designers

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