My Handbook

My Handbook

Axel Technologies

The humble new application platform from Axel Technologies that is dedicated exclusively to studying and e-learning. The application is built by understanding the growing need of e-learning solutions needed for modern schools, colleges, universities and institutions. My handbook app is designed to be a learning companion for students and a teaching assistant for the faculty, where important activities like projects assignments and examination details are published and shared.

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The application was initially developed with the basic functions to facilitate parent – teacher communication. Although, provisions for student & faculty accounts, profiles, custom chat rooms, push notifications, social sharing, image gallery and many more cool upgrades could be introduced to the robust platform of My Handbook, making the mobile application a wholesome app for the educational institute.

Built on iOS & Android

The application has been built on both iOS and Android platforms and all students and faculty can download the app to their smartphone from app store. Although, the administrator of the institution controls the access to the data and accounts belonging to their respective institute.

Robust & Secure

The school diary has a robust and well-designed background. The application gives a well-mannered user interface and experience. The app is also secured through 4-digit pin for access.


Upgrade enabled

The institutions can upgrade to new and better functionalities in the app by contacting the support team and stating the requirements. Regular updates are carried out to engage more institutions and users.

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