Artificial Intelligence

Interestingly, the concept of AI was first introduced by Alan Turing back in the sixty’s. And with the immense dedicated hard work, mankind has finally set forth on the path to creating Artificial Intelligence. Needless to say, with the knowledge and experience of the past six decades, we are on the brink of developing only 1% of a complete Artificial Intelligence.

Learning, problem-solving, reasoning, perception and language understanding are considered as the components in developing artificial intelligence. In fact, many of the AI bots today are capable of all the mentioned criteria for AI, only that the bots in operation today are programmed to focus only on problems pertaining to a particular company or an industry.

Machine learning is an integral application of Artificial Intelligence which enables the software to learn from the information being provided to them and improve the user experience without being explicitly programmed. Axel has implemented Machine learning predictive analysis solutions which ensures optimized outcomes by providing on-time predictions and enabling the industry to be prepared before a shortcoming hits. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has numerous application possibilities in areas like Sales, Logistics, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Support, Retail, Manufacturing


The Axel Bot

It is the name that we at Axel Technologies chose unanimously, although, the bot is known by many other names as given by the patent rights of our valuable clients. The sole purpose of the bot is to assist companies as their customer relationship manager (CRM chat assistant). The bot developed with AI capabilities is used for automated chat with users.

The Axel bot is not just an automated message dispenser which greets users and tells them to hold on tight for the representative will get in touch. Instead, it provides users with a bunch of suggestions from the database, collects the feedback and report back with the logical response. In fact, the bot even generates order/service tickets, notifies the administrator and performs all the automated tasks associated with it. In other words, the Axel bot is an optimal solution for companies in need of sales and customer support.