Business Process Services

At Axel, we define BPS as BPO plus a bit more of technology. The business process outsourcing has been in existence for decades whereby a business finds it better to handover some part of the corporate activities to a reliable partner, the term infamously known as outsourcing. Axel Technologies is more of an offshore software development company which does exactly the same along with the implication of relevant new technologies that are available to boost up your business processes and thereby the performance.

Companies worldwide would often need a team for IT support, HR recruitment, finance, sales, marketing or even in a niche expertise. The businesses in need of these services often find it difficult to acquire them due to their location, budget, competition and other factors. At times like these, opting a software development outsourcing partner could be highly beneficial. With a savvy IT support partner in the portfolio, companies worldwide enjoy the freedom to extent their reach of operations to new heights.

Axel BPS in Finance and AdministrationAxel BPS in Finance and Administration

Axel BPS in Finance and Administration

The finance department possess the data on the health and well being of the enterprise. It is of high value that the management gets the correct picture of the financial status of the enterprise. Read more...  

Axel BPS in MarketingAxel BPS in Marketing

Axel BPS in Marketing

Impressive marketing leads to improved sales and thereby good returns on investment (ROI). Activities of marketing, like advertising, promotions and campaigns, ultimately results in the growth in revenue of the enterprise. Read more...

Axel BPS in HRAxel BPS in HR

Axel BPS in HR

Axel Technologies perform custom software development for companies in need of HR management software and solutions. The software applications are intended for companies employing large workforce and management personnel. Read more...

Axel BPS in Supply Chain & LogisticsAxel BPS in Supply Chain & Logistics

The businesses that has businesses overseas is unlike other domestic businesses. The amount of data managed in logistics & supply chain management software weigh a tremendous amount in data due to the loads corporate affairs involved. Read more...

Business Process ManagementBusiness Process Management

Business Process Management

Companies opt for BPM services where the existing management finds it difficult to push forward due to various entrepreneurial factors like pricing, product, process and physical location.

Operations Strategy/ TransformationOperations Strategy/ Transformation

Operations Strategy/ Transformation

Along with clearly defined process automation, Axel helps companies to leverage more from the workforce through training and guidance. Strategies like business process re-engineering, Read more...

Business Process as a ServiceBusiness Process as a Service

Business Process as a Service

From coordinating workforce, process and technology to creating a comprehensive business process model, Axel assists enterprises to unleash its maximum potential.