Cloud Computing Services

The restraints of time and physical space for business infrastructure is getting eliminated as smart entrepreneurs tend to hire cloud computing services. To get your business and its resources on the cloud, it is optimal that you choose an IT service provider who is dedicated towards cloud infrastructure solutions.

With Axel cloud computing solutions, your enterprise can yield manifold. Cloud hosting gets popularity in business as it helps solve and automate many of the day to day business operations and makes it easy for the top-level management to be more efficient. Reliability is the key benefit from getting everything on the cloud, because unlike traditional hosting, cloud data storage is not confined to a single server but spread across multiple servers. Thus, even when a server is down, the data and operations are not restricted as other servers are automatically prompted to continue delivering the services.


Benefits of Axel Cloud Computing

  • Reliable servers that never lets your business down
  • Customized cloud infrastructure for startups, SMEs and corporate
  • Access levels set according to your business protocols
  • World class technical assistance from Team Axel
  • Trusted cloud partner for numerous businesses worldwide


Cloud Computing Packages for Enterprises

By choosing the packages below your company can hire one of the best cloud service available worldwide. Axel Technologies is an IT support enterprise dedicated to providing cloud computing services for businesses worldwide.

Cloud software solutions (SaaS)

The cloud software as a service is intended for hosting a software on the cloud on a subscription basis. With this cloud software solution option, (more…)

Cloud platform solutions (PaaS)

The cloud platform solutions are opted by corporate and SMEs having requirements for a robust and agile development platform for (more…)

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions (IaaS)

By hiring the IT infrastructure for cloud computing services, a company rents the servers, storage space, networks, operating systems and (more…)