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Elevating Your Digital Success Through Software Consulting And Development

Powerful and flexible digital solutions transform businesses to meet today’s needs and seize tomorrow’s opportunities.


Axel Technologies, founded in 2013, is a leading Offshore Software Design and Development Company based in India and USA with solid web and mobile platforms competencies. We work closely with our clients to plan, develop, and grow these initiatives. We create and implement digital strategies that deliver business results.

By providing expert guidance, we help our clients navigate the digital world. By deploying an AI-powered core, we assist enterprises in prioritizing implementing change. Moreover, we help drive business performance and customer delight with agile digital at scale.


We build and transfer digital skills, expertise, and ideas for continuous improvement through our innovation ecosystem. As a leading software development company, we thrive to provide the finest software and mobile app solutions to our clients across the globe to let them move ahead in the fast pacing digital world.

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We Develop Custom Solutions That Align With Your Business Goals And Meet Your Digital Requirements.

By helping brands grow and succeed as high-performance companies, we help them reach their goals and realize their full potential. By developing and implementing innovative software and digital strategies and technology solutions across the globe, we have become a valuable digital partner to leading companies.

Our goal is to help brands grow in the digital landscape by combining relevant data, the latest technology, and personalized digital experiences. We align our services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our portfolio offers a wide range of services, from developing user-friendly and top-performing websites to providing quality content that rightly voices your business.

Combining technology, creativity, and scalable solutions to deliver business growth for companies worldwide!

Our company’s mission is to drive the business growth of our customers around the world through creative design, development, and delivery of high-quality solutions that deliver sustainable value and competitive advantage.

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Digitalizing businesses to allow them to soar high in the digital landscape, regardless of the industry.

Our primary objective at Axel technologies is to assist other organizations in becoming digital enterprises. With our services, you will stand out from other competitors in the market and engage customers, partners, and employees better.

Every customer landscape is different, and we understand that. That’s why Axel’s sourcing methodology offers a solution that’s specifically designed to solve clients’ challenges. The alignment of the goals of IT organizations with the overall vision of the business is based on a phased approach towards your business drivers.

We aim to continuously develop and become a leading performer in this competitive global marketplace. We have gathered a team of professionals with a broad range of collective experiences that can shape and mold their collective knowledge to accelerate your organization.


We have a team as talented as it is humble, attentive, and supportive of one another. Our company values continuous improvement as one of its key drivers of growth and innovation, and we offer the support, flexibility, and opportunities every associate needs to succeed.Our global community of people creates impact* every day for their clients, communities, colleagues, and personal lives.

Building relationships and safe work spaces to advance the way you work.

Success is achieved through motivation. After hours, team-building activities and events help keep our employees motivated and ready for new accomplishments. The people who work for us are passionate about what they do, and we can achieve great things by maintaining that passion through our company culture.

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Our core values are fundamental to us. Everything we do reflects these values. We strive to embody them always. These are the qualities that you’ll find expressed throughout every part of our business.

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Integrity has always been a core value of our business. Our definition of integrity is the act of conducting ourselves honestly and ethically with everyone with whom we do business.

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It is innovation that allows us to learn, and it is the knowledge that allows us to iterate, adapt, and generate new ideas. To ensure the best results for our customers, we adhere to innovation throughout our business processes.

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For us, quality means maintaining rigorous standards for every project, regardless of size or complexity. We are deeply concerned with our work, providing excellent customer service, and achieving the best possible results for our clients.

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Customer Satisfaction

By offering flexible scheduling, quality products, efficient services, and innovative solutions, we hope to provide exceptional customer service and value to the company and its customers.

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Every aspect of our work is infused with expertise. Our expertise is what makes us stand out. With excellent knowledge comes great responsibility, which drives us to live up to our reputation.

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It is not only our combined experience and expertise that makes our team so compelling but also our ability to work together. Our business relationships are viewed as partnerships, and we work collaboratively together to achieve our goals.

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Relentless Growth

We strive to grow both personally and professionally at all times. We believe that education is a lifelong pursuit, and our company will continue to progress based on lifelong learning.

How We Work
March 2018

Dedicated Team For Every Project

To ensure the highest quality of your software platform, we extend support at every step instead of taking third-party help. Customer Service and Continuous Improvement are aspects of our business we are immensely proud of.

March 2018

Reporting Daily (SCRUM)

Every project we work on is managed using the SCRUM methodology. We ensure daily communication between the team members.

March 2018


Knowledge sharing, code reviews, and daily standups ensure alignment among the team members. Implementing similar features to existing ones does not require reinventing the wheel. You can rely on the shared expertise and knowledge of our other teams.

March 2018

Regular Consultations And Meetings

Rapid response time and accessibility are two of our top priorities. Since we want to be your extended team, you can always reach each member by skype or email, in addition to our daily/weekly meetings.

March 2018

Enhanced Demo Environment

Demos are essential to show progress and successfully implement features using accurate or test data, which is why many projects depend on the buy-in of all stakeholders. It is crucial to have a stable test before moving on to production.