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Effortlessly create and manage websites with our
creative and functional solutions!

We create the web solutions we build based on data and are data-driven. Our Web Development and Web Designing services transform your business by improving efficiency, stabilizing profits, and delighting customers based on your assets. Our company’s web development experts have created solutions that generate success combining data and development skills with sophisticated UX design.


Do you have a business that has been around for a while but you have not considered going online? Would you like to take your business to the next level? Is your website in need of a complete overhaul or do you want to start from scratch? Whatever industry or field you are in, at Axel Technologies we have qualified web developers and designers who will provide a web solution that exceeds your expectations in terms of performance and usability.


As an advanced Web Development Company, Axel Technologies provides a comprehensive range of services that adapt seamlessly to your project needs and business requirements, from designing custom WordPress sites to developing technology roadmaps for e-commerce sites and more! Our extensive expertise and wealth of knowledge about the industry have positioned us as the Best Web Development Company in USA and India. Check out some of our software design and development offerings below.

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Transform your business to the next level by utilizing our expert WordPress development services as a renowned WordPress Development company in India and US. With all versions of WordPress, we provide development, layout, WordPress Theme Customization Services, and safety consulting, along with progressive web hosting services. Using WordPress Development, you can build a distinct and reputable Internet presence for your business.
One of the most powerful and accessible content management systems available today is WordPress. It comes with a range of features to make your experience pleasing and interesting.
There are many plugins available to enhance your site. WordPress development and high-end solutions are available at cost-effective prices from Axel Technologies.

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Most businesses lack an online store despite e-commerce growing 23% year over year. These businesses are losing not only to their competitors but also to their customer base. The vast potential of e-commerce website solutions has not been fully explored by e-commerce businesses.
The development of our e-commerce websites ensures that the latest state-of-the-art technologies are utilized along with continuous maintenance and support for ensuring service excellence.
We create eCommerce websites to help companies create premium online shopping experiences to win over demanding consumers. Embrace the power of high-performance eCommerce architectures and conversion-driven UIs by working with Axel.

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Customer Relationship Management is often viewed as a software system but is actually crucial for large businesses with complex operations. Companies can analyze the trends and behaviors of customers with CRM services.
Our CRM software organizes all information to provide complete information about any individual or organization or company for a better understanding of the relationship. These enhance customer management by capturing a helicopter view of customers, capturing their interactions with the business with the primary goal of better interactions with customers.
Customer relationship management services automate marketing, sales, and customer support. CRM services include consulting, testing, implementation, and support. Axel Technologies has provided CRM services to businesses since 2013, helping companies reduce their marketing, sales, and customer service costs.

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No matter whether your business is a startup or an established one, you probably need an ERP system to automate your operations. We have extensive experience in the development of ERP systems and the creation of fully integrated systems that can be used to manage your workforce, financial flows, and manufacturing processes.
You can unlock the full potential of your ERP system by utilizing data and artificial intelligence. Axel provides a broad range of platforms, solutions, and technologies to manage, secure, and optimize performance.
A company’s ERP system is a fundamental part of its transformation. By implementing a successful ERP system from Axel, organizations can realize immediate savings, identify challenges before they become problems, and improve every aspect of their operations. The use of our ERP systems can increase efficiency and reduce costs.