6 questions to ask yourselves before Choosing the Best Software Development Company in the UAE 

Best Software Development Company in the UAE

Are you a fool full of confidence or a genius full of doubts when it comes to analyzing whether a company is the best software company in UAE for your custom software development needs? This blog will help you find out!   

The UAE serves as a hub for IT outsourcing services, and choosing the right one from its vast options requires time and effort. This blog post comes into use at this point. Grab a pen and paper (or open the notes on your phone) and note down your answers to each of the questions below to evaluate yourself. By the end of this blog, you will have assessed all by yourselves how prepared you are for custom software development and how good you are at choosing a company from the top Software Development Companies in the UAE for your needs.

Question 1: Have you set a budget before approaching a company from the list of Software Development Companies in the UAE?  

  1. a) Yes, I have a clear budget to estimate how much customization I can afford for my software. 
  2. b) No, I haven’t set a budget and will spend as required, as I believe setting a budget will be a limiting factor. 

Question 2: Is it important to define and communicate a timeline to your chosen custom software development company in the UAE?  

  1. a) No, I don’t think so. Defining a timeline would constrain even the best software company in Dubai in their work, and it might affect the quality of the software creation process. 
  2. b) Yes, I do believe defining a timeline for the custom software development company in the UAE is crucial because it will provide clarity on when we can expect the software, enabling a planned and organized process. 

Question 3: Do you possess a basic understanding of different software types and their functionalities?  

  1. a) No, I don’t think it’s I trust the Custom software development company in UAE I choose to meet all my needs comprehensively. 
  2. b) Yes, I’ve researched various software types and their specifications, aiding clear communication with my development company. 



Question 4: What will be your method of research to find the best software company in UAE? 

  1. a) I believe suggestions from friends, family, and well-wishers suffice for research. Their opinions will guide my decision on the best web development company in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. 
  2. b) I will conduct online research, review portfolios, read case studies and client testimonials, along with seeking opinions from friends, family, and well-wishers to determine the top web development company in UAE.

Question 5: What kind of company gets more priority from you? Experienced or newly formed startup?  

  1. a) I prefer an experienced company due to their familiarity with developing software catering to various requirements. 
  2. b) I prioritize a nascent company among the Custom software development companies in UAE for their fresh ideas.

Question 6: If you have a shortlist of the best software companies in UAE, how do you evaluate and choose the best among them?  

  1. a) I aim to obtain quotes from each company and commence work with them, evaluating their performance as we
  2. b) I plan to engage in detailed communication with each company to understand their team expertise, communication style, and development process. Then, I will select the company that stands out as the best fit for my needs. 

Now, let’s evaluate your answers. The table below will help you with it. The mark you should give for your answer is given in the table, and how prepared you are and how good you are in choosing a company as the best Custom software development company in UAE can be analyzed according to the scale given after that. 

Question number  Marks for option a  Marks for option b 
1  5  3 
2  3  5 
3  3  5 
4  5  3 
5  5  3 
6  3  5 

You’ve received your marks for the answers. Now, let’s determine where you stand on the scale when selecting the top software company in UAE.   


If your mark falls between 30 and 26, congratulations! Your preparation and selections are consistently excellent. 

For marks between 25 and 22, there are some mistakes in your selection process and preparation.  

If your mark is between 21 and 18, your choices are poor, and your evaluation criteria need improvement. Check out our blog for essential tips on selecting the best software company in Dubai or UAE. It will help you. 

Final Thoughts:  

Now that you’ve assessed your preparation and ability to judge the best software development company in UAE, it’s crucial to be familiar with companies that meet all the right criteria to be among the top. Axel Technologies stands out as one such company, boasting over 10 years of experience and expertise in developing software across various industries, including HVAC, logistics, automobile, workforce management, and countless other diverse areas. Our clients testify to our industry-leading performance, driven by our passion to deliver the best software solutions globally.  

If you’re ready to collaborate with us, consider yourself a winner in this evaluation, as you’ve earned an additional 50 points. Yes, we are the golden snitch! 

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