Is Social Media Search The New Google? How To Boost Organic Traffic In 2023


Almost everyone with internet access will reach out to Google whenever they are in need of knowing something. Google does enjoy the privilege of being the most-used search engine worldwide. And nowadays, we are witnessing a different scenario of social media platforms growing as search engines. Social searching signifies the notion of searching and retrieving on a social search engine that does handle user-generated content like news videos and image-related search queries on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This staple evolution of social media as a search engine can be utilized to boost organic traffic for a brand, promisingly in 2023 and the coming years also. 

Social Media Search Optimization 

People show a solid tendency to employ social media search bars to seek information and research products and services. Hence, upgrading your social media marketing service strategy with social media search optimization is essential. Social Media Promotion uses social media platforms and websites to promote a service or product. Social media promotions are effective tactics for achieving a larger audience; Social media search optimization matters here because it can direct your brand to the apt potential customers. Search optimization simply boosts organic traffic. Organic social media reach shows the number of people who have seen your content via unpaid issuance. Any social media strategy should include engaging social content to be successful; give your audience what they would love to read. A social media marketing strategy or social media strategy is everything we plan to do and achieve on social media. It can guide your actions and let you know if you need to upgrade your campaign with engaging social content.

Why Social Media Search Optimization?

The vast majority of business firms are using social media as an effective platform for brand propagation, and they are enthusiastic about improving organic social media reach. This is simply because;

  • Nearly 60% of the world’s population spends their time on social media, with a daily average of 2.5 hours. 
  • Facebook has an average of over 2 billion searches per day. YouTube secures second place and is the most popular search engine after Google. 
  • 83% of Instagram users remark that it does help them discover new products and services. 
  • 40% of Generation Z prefer Instagram or TikTok search to Google search. 

Social Mention Search and Multisearch

Social Mention Search or Social Mentions are social media posts that appear with reference to your brand. This includes posts in which your brand is tagged (@mentions) or mentioned by name in the caption. With simply operated tools like Social Mention and Social Searcher, you can track and analyze what people comment about your brand anywhere in the world. 

The number of people who use social media as a search engine is rapidly increasing. People really look forward to multi-search, a surfacing feature of automated search that combines the potential of computer search programs with customized result classification by human beings. Multi-search allows users to search with text and images simultaneously. With multi-search, searching on social media and search engines is getting simplified because you can search with words and pictures per your need.

Google Search Algorithm and Social Media Algorithm

Google Search Algorithm refers to the process that Google uses for content ranking. It accounts for many factors like backlinks, keyword mentions, usability, etc. Google search algorithm is multiple search algorithms, all working together for the best results. A social media algorithm can be defined as a set of signals and rules which can automatically rank content on social platforms based on how likely each person using social media is to like it and engage with it. Popularity, content type, relationship, and recency are the significant types of social media algorithms. When optimizing, it is vital to consider algorithms for each platform. Social search will escalate your social media reach and website traffic because these platforms can keep users on the platform longer.  

Instagram Algorithm Optimization:
  • Use keywords in your bio, caption, alt-text, and hashtags.
  • Use carousels and reels to boost reach.
  • Use keywords in the name line with a 64-character limit.
  • Use 30 relevant hashtags, a mix of niche and popular. 
Facebook Algorithm Optimization:
  • Choose a video or image which is reflective of the keyword.
  • Use keywords from your business description and business category in your profile.
  • Use keywords in the caption of every content.
  • Use video content because it performs better in engagement, search, and reach.
Youtube Algorithm Optimization:
  • Include 5 to 8 keywords in tags.
  • Name the video file your YouTube title.
  • Use three hashtags focused on keywords and also include keywords in audio. 
  • For titles, use keywords as close to the beginning as possible; 46 characters is ideal. 
  • Use a brief description and primary keyword above the fold. Below the fold, use secondary keywords and a call to action. 
  • Enable closed captioning and auto-generate transcriptions. 
TikTok Algorithm Optimization:
  • Use 3 to 5 hashtags, a mix of popular/trending tags, and more niche ones. 
  • Use keywords in the hashtags, caption, and video text and sound. 
  • Use keywords in the name line with 30 character limit. 
Creating Social Media Keyword Strategy:
  • Maximize your content by using the keywords you have found for your site. By using autosuggest, you can refine these keywords on each platform. 
  • Make use of SEO tools that provide data on social mentions and keywords on video and video carousel results. This way, you can validate the search volume.
  • Be mindful of relevance and intent before finalizing your social media keyword strategy. Ensure it is relevant to your target audience and content. Do not stuff the content with irrelevant keywords, and confirm the search intent is in line with the content type you are creating. 

Without the backing of any statistics, we all are aware of the fact that social media platforms are rapidly conquering our leisure time and more. They have become so flexible to be used as search engines by many people. In such a scenario, utilizing social media search optimization to boost organic website traffic is one of the wisest things to favor your business.